We Help Motivated People and Athletes in Palm Beach County Recover from Injury & Get Back to the Activities They Love

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Avoid surgery & medications with our sports & orthopedic physical therapy specialists

Athlete Restoration Co. provides performance based physical therapy at the Highest Level from the ONLY Fellowship trained Doctors of Physical Therapy in this region of Florida. Serving West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter.

We bring long term solutions for pain in moving beyond the unproductive, typical physical therapy model by correcting the actual underlying cause of the pain that ultimately prevents YOU from crushing your active Lifestyle that you Love.

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We provide performance and strength physical therapy for the active adult and athlete

3 Step Process

3 Step Process

Find the root cause of YOUR problem

Get to the exact issue and relieve YOUR pain

Get on a plan to fix the problem

Hands on treatment and learn key movements to improve the way you move

Make sure it never comes back

Enjoy life-long health and get back to the activities you’ve been missing

Commitment to health

What We Believe

Health is your most important Investment. But you have to put in the work!

  • We believe that time while your healthy is the most valuable commodity on Earth
  • We believe that consistency and a steadfast dedication brings the best results
  • We believe hard work pays off in the long run
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Here's What Our Patients Have To Say

Doctor Kyle is amazing! I came to Kyle after dealing with some SI joint dysfunction and pain for about a month and within just a couple visits and exercises that he shared with me I was feeling better and back to the gym with no issues.

Kyle truly knows his stuff and takes his time to educate his patients on what is going on with their injury and the plan of action to get you better!

R. H.

After meniscus surgery and a traumatic pregnancy I was very nervous to get back into working out. 4 months postpartum Dr.Kyle made me feel confident I would get to do all the things I loved to again with no pain. He showed me the skills I needed in order to prevent Injury now and in the future, proper technique and knowledge are what he is all about! “Motion is lotion!”
Thank you Dr.Kyle

V. P.

Before coming to Athlete Restoration, I was convinced that I would always be limited on the activities I could do or exercises I could perform due to chronic lower back issues. Now I’m back in the gym with a renewed purpose and strategy. Thanks to my newly developed core stability, I’m no longer afraid to chase my kids around for fear of a back spasm putting me in bed for a week. Thank you Dr. Kyle for your amazing practice!

R. A.

So I tweaked my back in a CrossFit workout… I took time off lifting and thought that it would get better. It didn’t. I reached out to Athlete Restoration and was able to get evaluated that week. 10 sessions later, my back pain is gone and I’m moving better than I have in years. The focus on addressing the root of the problem was a game changer.

W. T.

Dr. Kyle is remarkably professional and knowledgable. If you're in need of a Physical Therapist, this is the place.


Kyle is an excellent physical therapist. His background and credentials speak for themselves, but I was always impressed with his extensive knowledge and approach. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone who wants to be 100%.


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